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This is my secret weapon when it comes to outfitting presentation! Ironing sucks!

Country Road - Longline Single Breasted

This black blazer/jacket from Country Road has been one of my favourite recent purchases. It's a classic piece, can be dressed up very smartly or dressed down and I think i'll have it for life!

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I use this diffuser every day with my favourite essential oils! I'm obsessed and it looks pretty.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 19.11.32.png

Anyone who follows my Instagram stories knows how much I love wearing a posture brace.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 19.42.49.png

This book kick started my badassery and got me extremely motivated to go after my dreams.


I use the morning and evening body oils and the Chill Bill essential oil spray. THEY.ARE.SIMPLY.THE.BEST

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