• Emily Elizabeth May

The Shacket is The New Jacket

Shacket: aka, a shirt jacket! Cut like a shirt, but worn like a jacket. The shacket is a simple way to spruce up any spring or autumn outfit.

Popping up in every second shop, shackets are an easy trend item to find and add to your wardrobe.

The shacket first hit my radar when I became interested in finding a black feux leather one, like the one Monica in Friends wears. I put this item on my 2020 wardrobe wishlist. However, since then I decided to invest in a white denim shacket as I think it will fit in with my current wardrobe more.

I've mostly seen shackets made in wool, denim and feux leather.

The shacket can be worn in so many ways. Done up, without a belt, left hanging oversized for a cool and trendy look.

Dress it up a little and show off your waist by tieing your own belt around the shacket, or a belt that came with it.

Scroll through to shop some of my favourite cream/white shackets.

Watch my shacket styling video here...

Emily Elizabeth May

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