• Emily Elizabeth May

Staying at Sayan Terrace - Ubud, Bali

It is hard to find the the words to describe how we felt staying at Sayan Terrace in Ubud, Bali.

All I can say is, we know for sure we are staying there again when we visit next time!

Waking up in Bali is a beautiful thing. However, often you can wake up to the sound of motorcycles, cars, tourists and chickens!

Not at Sayan Terrace though! Waking up in Sayan Terrace, was like waking up in a guided online meditation, or waking up to my Calm app! The sounds of a tropical rainforest was all that we could hear. Water trickling, birds singing, wind blowing in the tress. It was constant and incredibly calming.

With a private infinity pool, a kitchenette and an outdoor day bed, we had everything we needed to stay put for 3 days. So we did. We ordered room service from the hotel menu and enjoyed our little slice of paradise!

We did venture out one night just 4 minute walk down the road for a really special dinner and drinks at Sayan House. We got in early and were able to watch the sunset over the rainforest. We were then left sitting under fairy lights for dinner. Magical.

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Emily Elizabeth May

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