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Saturday Shoes - Knitted Loafers

So, if I could marry a shoe... it would be these beauties from St. Agni Studio. They are handmade knitted loafers with a leather sole, and no... I am sorry, they are not affordable, but they are so, so, so worth the money!


noun noun: loafer; plural noun: loafers

a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin, with a flat heel.

A few months ago I was on a photoshoot for a SS19 look book. These were the shoes that I wore for the entire shoot! Meaning I shot around 60 different outfits wearing these shoes.

They are so versatile, comfortable and just very pleasing to the eye!

So I decided that day, to open a new savings bank account and nickname is 'St Agni shoes'.

I set up a direct debit for $30 a week and soon enough I had $280 to spend on my new babies!

They arrived in the post a few weeks ago and I am smitten! #weddingbells

What do you think of them then?

Emily Elizabeth May

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