• Emily Elizabeth May

My 4 Favourite Outfits from 2019

Updated: Jan 5

2019 was a year of growth for me in my personal style.

I found out a lot about what I like, what colours suit me, and what items I should avoid...!

Below are my favourite 2019 outfits caught on camera!

1. Pleated black linen trousers, oversized knit cardigan, moc croc cross-body handbag, simple gold jewellery. Understated, relaxed, casual day wear. My favourite type of outfit includes comfy pants and a chunky knit.

2. A classic longline black blazer, crew neck t-shirt, high waisted blue mom jeans. A simple, easy to wear, smart casual outfit that suits a lot of people. When you find yourself a good blazer, look after it and hold on tight forever! Shop my blazer here.

3. Lowcut black vest top, high rise pleated linen pants, 90s bag, leather flip flops. Minimal, street style. This year I discovered minimal is my jam.

4. Pink summer dress, with pink and gold accessories. Pulling colours from your outfits and matching them with your accessories is a simple way of creating a cohesive outfit. I also found my go-to hairstyle for when my hair is dirty (I recommend you find yours too!)

Can't wait to see what 2020 has in store. (literally!)

Emily Elizabeth May

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