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Jumper & Skirt Combo

 This is my first fashion post. And what better way to start than with one of my favourite trends. The Jumper And Skirt Combo!

I’m surprised I haven’t talked about clothes yet on my blog, considering how much money I spend on them. My dad is an accountant & financial planner. I would bet all my clothes in my closet, that he sits there now reading this rolling his eyes at me… “have I taught you nothing?”

Sorry dad. Retail therapy is real.

Pairing a jumper and skirt is the perfect in-between season option. In-between weather confuses me greatly. Am I warm? Am I cold? Who knows…?

I know who knows. Alexa Chung knows.

Alexa is my style icon for many things mainly because she looks effortless and you could put a potato sack over her and she’d probably know what belt to match it with to make it red carpet ready.

That was an exaggeration. But I like her.

I was never a skirt wearer until I discovered skirts with jumpers. Now, skirts probably make up a good 1/4 of my wardrobe. And I love that, because they are so comfy and easy to wear.

My favourite option would be a delicate pleated midi skirt paired with a big chunky knit. And maybe some trainers. Comfort level 10.

Another cool option I’m warming to is a mini-skirt paired with a cropped jumper or cardigan (yes I said cardigan. No I’m not 100 years old).

After spending a significant amount of time on Pinterest scrolling through outfit inspo I’d say these are my top 3 tips for this trend:

1. Mix textures – a silk skirt with a fluffy knit

2. Don’t be afraid to mix prints – make sure one colour from each print are the same

3. Choose unexpected colour combinations – double up on colours, or mix pink with red because that’s a thing now.

Check out my Instagram over the next few days for some more jumper and skirt inspo!

Photographer: Shamil Shah Instagram @shamil_shah  www.shamilshah.com

Thank you to Uzma Bozai for providing some cool jumpers for the shoot. More of their jumpers to be seen on my Instagram over the next couple of days.


my jumper here

my skirt here

my shoes here (in black)

xx Emily

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