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Jegeg Bali Cycling Tours - Highly Recommend

Alex and I with our guide Wayan!

A few days before leaving for our trip, we were told by a friend that we had to try a certain cycling tour while in Bali - Jegeg Bali Cycling Tours!

What we didn't know was that it was more than just a cycling tour!

For just $40 AUD each, our day began at 8am and finished at 3pm.

This included two meals, breakfast with tea and coffee tasting. And lunch, a home made buffet of the tastiest Vietnamese food you can imagine, served to us at our guides traditional Balinese home.

The tour is run by a family from a village near Ubud. Our driver and tour guide were Uncle and Nephew. They were extremely friendly, attentive and full of information! We learnt all about the culture, the farming, the religion and their way of life. I was honestly moved by so many of their stories and felt a greater appreciation for where we were.

Before our bike tour started, we had breakfast with a view overlooking the jungle, trying local teas and coffees. We enjoyed a long conversation with the local who worked there as he sat and had breakfast with us. His English was fantastic and our Vietnamese was not so good! But we tried and he taught us words, (Suk-su-ma : thank you!) and our conversation went as deep as global warming and politics!

After breakfast we were driven to view Mt. Batur - an active volcano in Bali. Once again our guide, Wayan, had so much information to share to us about the Volcano and the locals.

The bike ride itself lasted about 2 hours with multiple stops on the way. It was 90% downhill, which allowed us to stay relaxed and take in everything around us. Our guide and driver took multiple pictures and videos along the way and sent them to us in the evening which was such a nice bonus!

As we rode through villages and rice paddies, the children would shout out 'hello' and give us high fives as we rolled past.

We finished the ride at a waterfall for pictures and a swim! We were then driven back to their family home for lunch. We met their family including two little twins who had just started walking! We sat on pillows on the floor and ate lunch with our guide, Wayan. The food was the best we had had on our trip so far! I went back for a 2nd serve and Alex went back for 3rds!!!

I couldn't recommend this tour more highly! It was an unforgettable experience for such great value.

I would recommend going early in your trip so you can learn about the culture and therefore notice and respect it for the remainder of your stay.

Note: They will pick you up and drop you off from wherever you are staying in Bali!

Book this trip right now, you wont regret it!!

** The video below is not a compulsory part of the ride but it was definitely a highlight for us!!! Haha! ENJOY! **

Emily Elizabeth May

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