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How Organisation Affects Anxiety - Less Mess, Less Stress

Organisation has not always come easy to me. In fact, I used to get upset when someone would suggest I 'become more organised' - particularly digitally organised!

It has only been in recent years that I have come to understand the link between my anxiety and how organised my life is. When I have less mess... I have less stress!

It's that simple!

Since finding simple ways to organise my home, my phone, my computer and my calendar, it has in turn organised my head!

I spend less time frantically looking for the things I need. I spend less time worrying about whether or not I have forgotten someones name, someones birthday or a significant life event approaching.

Everything is where it should be in my house and in my mind.

I'd like to ask you some questions to help you understand if your decluttered home is causing you unnecessary stress.

Look around your house at your belongings. Do you see piles of items scattered about? Are things not where they should be? Or do they not really have anywhere else to go? Is there a draw labeled 'junk draw' or maybe you even have an entire 'junk room'?

How does this make you feel? Do you become tense or overwhelmed? Do you start making mental notes of what needs to be done around the house? And then all of a sudden you don't know where to start.

These are signs that you are not in control of your clutter, but in fact your clutter is in control of you!

Organisation doesn't have to be daunting. It can be simple and fun! It can also be fun for all ages. Finding different ways of teaching children to become more organised is rewarding and once they begin to enjoy it too, it will then also take a huge burden off you!

I have realised I have a huge passion for organisation and decluttering. And that I am good at it too! (who'd have thought, you'd be good at your passion!)

So, I have begun helping people sort out their own spaces and declutter their lives. If you would like help as well, please email or facebook message me, so we can discuss how I can help you transform your life through organisation too!

View my Facebook Business page here: Declutter With Emily

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Emily Elizabeth May

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