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Get The Linen Look

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Linen in Summer may be old news but nonetheless, it’s timeless. The loose fitting lightweight fabric makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. It’s the closest you’ll get to wearing your birthday suit out in public (besides your bikini at the beach of course.)

Wearing linen screams “I am bloody relaxed.” It’s a beach holiday must have and a wardrobe staple. I love how you could wear a white linen dress on the beach with just bare feet and still emit a certain grace and elegance.

Pure linen has great benefits but sometimes it can be pricey. (I know it is for me!) A lot of brands now do the ‘linen look’ or a ‘linen blend’ and it’s really quite affordable.

This summer you can get the linen look without breaking the bank. So many brands are selling their version of ‘linen’ in some really beautiful designs.

I put together this simple look for a Christmas lunch last week.

Dress: Glassons

Shoes: Isabella Anselmi

Hat: Lack Of Color (their spelling, not mine!)

Bag: Op Shop!

Sunnies: Oldies from Topshop

Earings: Sportsgirl

Have you got the money to spend on pure linen?! Here are my favourite reasons why you should spend it:

Linen is known to be the worlds strongest natural fibre.

– It has the natural ability to prevent bacterial growth. (Yay for clean skin!)

And it is a natural insulator. It will keep you warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

xx Emily

Emily Elizabeth May

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