• Emily Elizabeth May

Fall In Love With Yourself

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it truly means to love yourself & the accurate meaning of self love.

I always thought loving yourself was loving every single little thing about YOU! And I would think, “Jeezeee, that sounds impossible! How do people out there love themselves and EVERYTHING about themselves?”

What does it mean to really love ourselves? 

Newsflash, Emily! You don’t have to love every single little thing about yourself to love yourself truly.

The first step to loving yourself is to understand that no one is perfect. There is not one single person out there that is perfect (although Ryan Gosling comes very close).

So loving yourself is recognising the good and the not so good about yourself, and accepting that those flaws make you who you are.

It’s when you accept these flaws that you can truly be able to fall in love with yourself.

So how do we accept our flaws?

I recently wrote a list of all the things I love about myself + all the things I don’t like or want to improve on. I wrote until my brain was frazzled. I had a list of 112 things. (This really got me thinking, it’s a great exercise! Try it!)

I condensed the list. I chose my top 5 positive traits about myself, my top 3 physical flaws and my top 5 negative traits I’d like to improve on. (Then I wrote them on individual sticky notes & stuck them on my wall!)

Positive Traits: Generous Loving Approachable Hardworking Honest

Physical Flaws: Wrinkles when I smile Asymmetrical face Fine hair

Negative Traits for Improvement: Fearful Self-doubt Procrastination Forgetful Stress

Self Love Exercise

It was great to see them in front of me like this.

The physical flaws can’t be changed, but that’s ok because they are what makes me, me. You might think that writing them out on sticky notes to read every day couldn’t be helpful, but it actually is. Seeing them written out in front of me actually helps to remind me to accept these flaws. I know they cannot be changed, therefore acceptance is THE ONLY option. I read them, accept them, embrace them and move on.

The positive traits remind me of the person I am. If I’m ever having doubts, these are great to read back on and remind myself that I’m amazing.

The negative traits for improvement are also what makes me myself, but they are things that I can work on if I wish to. Simply taking every day as an opportunity for personal growth is so rewarding, and helps greatly when it comes to loving yourself.
“What if I fail?” “Then I’ll try again.”
Try writing your own list! And if you do, give me an email and let me know how you go and what you gained. contact@emilyelizabethmay.com

You only get one shot at life. Don’t spend it comparing yourself to others and wishing you were someone different. You are you. You are unique. You are special. Recognise your flaws and make friends with them. Then fall in love with yourself.

xx Emily

Emily Elizabeth May

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