• Emily Elizabeth May

SATURDAY SHOES: Black & White Espadrille Flats

These espadrille flats are one of, if not, my favourite summer shoe.

Tomorrow, on my YouTube channel, I am posting a video about my summer shoes - and believe it or not, I forgot to include these bad boys! (They happened to still be packed away in my suitcase after a weekend trip).

So I thought I'd write about them here, and tell you a bit about why they are so deserving of their very own blog post.

Firstly, these espadrilles are really versatile! They look great with black and white outfits, as well as denim! I have also worn them with my red Kookai dress because it has black detailing on it.

They are also surprisingly comfortable! I wear them at work (retail job), on my feet all day 9-5. Because they are not completely enclosed, they are really breathable in hot weather.

I was skeptical about wearing espadrilles in summer before I got this pair. I am a complete convert now! It's such an amazing summer shoe and one that I will definitely continue to update in my wardrobe.

Here is my Summer Shoes YouTube video incase you missed it! (posting Sunday evening, Melbourne time)

Emily Elizabeth May

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