• Emily Elizabeth May

The B Ā M B A Swim Bikini!

I thought I’d write a little post about my new B Ā M B A Swim bikini… because I’m obsessed with it. BAMBA has been around for a while now and produces really cute minimalistic bikinis as well as some very cool clothing pieces. 

I had wanted this classic BAMBA Swim bikini for a while but I was hesitant as my last experience buying their swimsuits was not great.

They used to produce their clasps and hooks with plastic, and my first Bikini I bought with them arrived broken. (Don’t worry I’ve got good news coming!)

When I told them they were very apologetic and assured me that they were to improve the quality of their products as soon as possible.

So it took me a while to purchase from them again, but I trusted what they said and I was bloody excited for the new bikini to arrive!!

You’ll be pleased to know that everything from the clasps to the sewing has improved greatly. The quality is so good. Tacky plastic clasps have been replaced with gold metal fasteners that now scream sophistication rather than $2 shop. The bikini is double lined to ensure no naughty bits are seen when emerging from the sea or pool.

So if you have an old, old bikini from BAMBA Swim, don’t be put off to try their products again.

I’ve experienced a few faulty items from online companies in the past.

The way that a company handles the situation is so imperative to the future relationship between them and a customer.

The companies that I would buy from again are those that reply almost instantly and with apologies and no questions asked. When companies treat customers right it makes them want to shop more and more with them. I am a big Bamba Swim fan and I can’t wait to make my next purchase with them.

*this was not a sponsored post. I just like bikinis a lot.

*B Ā M B A (pronounced BUM – BA)


xx Emily

Emily Elizabeth May

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