• Emily Elizabeth May

If you love fashion, you need to know about Amazon's "The Drop"

Exclusive fashion, designed by your favourite global influencers, based on trends that inspire them. Amazon call it The Drop.

I admit, Amazon isn't the first place I think of when fashion pops into my mind. Jeff Bezos has done some amazing things, but I'm sorry, fashion isn't one of them. So, fair enough for Amazon to want to have it all. They were clever enough to know that Influencers are a hot topic and really do have influence on avid online shoppers.

The Drop gives Amazon shoppers access to limited-edition collections that are personally designed by fashion influencers from all around the world.

Amazon shoppers can sign up to receive text notifications when new lines drop. These new lines can drop at any time, and they're available to shop on Amazon for just 30 hours! Yes, just 30 hours! And then they're gone and never seen again!

Items are made to order and are shipped out immediately after.

The first influencer to design a line was Paola Alberdi, with a notable 1 million followers on Instagram.

My favourite drop so far was from influencer Charlotte Bridgeman. Below are floral and printed dresses, skirts and tops from Charlottes drop, that went on sale for 30 hours before they disappeared forever.

The Drop will release new collections every few weeks. In addition to this, Amazon has also released Staples by The Drop. This wardrobe staple range was built to complement the collections designed by the influencers and is available to shop on Amazon at any time.

The next influencer releasing a line will be Milena Karl from @milenalesecret, dropping on Friday 5th of September. I've got my eyes on a two piece short suit!

I've signed up for the text message notifications, have you?!

Emily Elizabeth May

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