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5 Things I've Learnt After Turning 25

Okay, I know, I’m 26 already, I’m a bit late to the party. But life after 25 has been noticeably different for me. I am becoming a full-blown adult! I think back to when I was younger, and all those times my mum said to me ‘when you’re an adult, you’ll understand.’ Well, mum, I think I am beginning to understand.

So here’s a list of the 5 important things I have come to understand now that I have entered my late 20s.

1. I don’t have to be friends with everyone

I’m starting with my favourite!! (without sounding like a bitch…)

I’m finally happy to not feel like I have to be everyone’s friend. We can only give our friends so much time & support, and sometimes an overwhelming amount of friends makes it hard to give all our heart & soul to them.

Also, some people are just not compatible as friends. Quality over quantity.

2. Health is not something to take for granted

When I was a kid I would always wish to be sick. Miss a day of school, sit in and watch tv all day long, have someone else look after me……..

Woah, has that changed?! If you have a cold, you can walk away and stay away from me!

I think this also links with the realisation that life is short, every day is special, why would you want to miss a single day?

And also being sick puts you behind in your chores, and my OCD self can’t handle that!

3. Saying no is fine

I gave peer pressure the boot.

I realised that I much prefer to stay in on Friday night with my jar of Nutella, a spoon & my book (drool) and that that was okay.

With the exception of missing out on friends birthdays and being a cow. I love my friends, and their birthdays just as much as my own. <3

So I conclude, saying no is fine, as long as I’m not letting down my friends. But, touching on point 2 again, if I am sick, all the above doesn’t matter! (Go.to.bed.emily.)

4. It’s okay to not know everything

I’ll admit I used to be embarrassed if I was stuck in a conversation that I didn’t understand (*cough* politics).

I haven’t always been comfortable asking someone what something means. But recently I’ve realised, it’s okay that I don’t know everything, and asking questions is only going to make me wiser… so I’m asking away!

5. You are never the only person feeling the way you are

After talking a fair bit with family and friends about anxiety recently, I have discovered that I’m not alone.

I often worry about my worry (I know), and I used to think that I was crazy because of it! But not anymore. I no longer feel alone.

While we’re at it, I’ve got a bonus point I’ve learnt recently:

  • FOMO is no longer relevant. No need to explain more.

Dress in the featured image from Realisation.

xx Emily

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