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My name is Emily Elizabeth May Vickers-Willis… but you can call me Em!


I am an Australian model, a part-time marketing assistant, a fashion retail sales assistant and an all round fashion enthusiast!


I love the law of attraction, personal growth, home organisation, and cats. 

I spent 6 years of my early 20s living in London as a model, this is where I developed a strong love for fashion and style.

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia with my partner Alex. 

Happy Styling came about through my own personal quest for happiness.


During this self-discovery journey, I landed my very first fashion retail job at the age of 27. I realised that I had a love for styling customers and helping them feel truly happy in what they wear. 


I believe the clothes we wear should make us feel alive, excited and happy!


Helping women to get inspired and motivated to wear outfits that make them feel great is what I aim to do every day. 

Authenticity is extremely important to me, in every part of life, including my blog. I do not agree on collaborations that don't reflect my values & my beliefs. I am transparent when making business agreements with clients about my terms. I will NEVER promote something to a wider audience if I haven't tested it or didn't truly believe in it. 

Now what? 🤔

Find me on Instagram @emilyelizabethmay

Watch my YouTube videos here!

If you’re a brand that would like to collaborate together on a blog post or social media coverage, contact me here.


If you’re unsure where to go from here, why don’t you start with my first post, “This is (the real) me.”


I want to provide a trustworthy space where you can come for honest and authentic information. Any post that has been sponsored will be acknowledged and I will always provide my honest opinion about everything I write. I am not a qualified therapist or fashion guru; everything is written on my own personal experiences. My site does contain a few affiliate links, please do keep this in mind. This helps me to continue doing more of what I love, every day.